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Engine Building/Mapping

We have a full range of experience and machinery to provide complete engine building facilities for any type of engine. We have worked on and rebuilt most engines, from 1 litre Fiesta engines to fire breathing 8 litre Chevys! We can design and source custom pistons, rods, crankshafts, camshafts, valves, valve gear etc. Whatever is required to suit your engine needs. We can help design the right kind of engine and suggest suitable modifications depending on your needs. We have 3-angle valve cutting equipment and a 1000hp engine dyno amongst the facilities available in our fully equipped machine shop.


We provide a range of ECU remaps for standard ECUs that are available from ESS for both normally aspirated and turbo-diesel BMW cars.


We provide custom engine mapping on engine dyno, rolling road or proving ground using any of the current aftermarket ECUs. We have particular expertise with Motec, GEMs, MBE and Pectel. We have mapped all kinds of race and road cars, from simple 4 cylinder to turbo-charged V8. We can also supply ECU equipment to suit your requirements.


Our engine building services include:-


         Sourcing engine components including blocks and heads

         Engine assembly and disassembly

         Head porting and flowing

         Valve enlargement and 3-angle seat cutting

         Crank and bearing up rating and modification

         Oil system modification and dry sumping

         Rod design and sourcing

         Piston design and sourcing

         Camshaft design and timing

         ECU Mapping

         Engine balancing and blueprinting


Engine with head off
Fuel Rail
BMW 6 Cylinder Block
Ferrari 348 V8 Race Engine
m3 rolling road
dynojet rolling road