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Twin Screw 330 Coupe.

Max Nathans 330 coupe is no stranger to being supercharged as it previously was fitted with a TX1 kit. On hearing about the impending release of the new twin screw system it was promptly removed and sold and the cash put towards an order for the new kit.

We received the Twin Screw kit shortly after christmas and it was fitted shortly afterwards. Total fitting time was approx the same as the TX2 kit and all the parts fitted with the only problem being a couple of sensor wires getting mixed up. Having found this problem the car promptly fired up and ran exactly how it should with normal idling and no fault lights.

Next job was to run the supercharger in carefully for 100 miles as this ensures that the life of the supercharger is not compromised and also that there are no other problems.

Having done the running in it was time to see what all this development delay was all about!

The way the power is delivered with the twin screw is very different to the centrifugal type superchargers in that there is much more torque low down and overall the delivery is much smoother and less intrusive. As we got to higher rpm's the difference was less noticable but still feels slightly stronger with only a faint whistle being heard from the cabin. Through the gears there was no hesitation at all and in fact were it not for that faint whistle you would not know what was under the bonnet - EXCEPT - While it is smooth there is a massive difference in performance! We tested the car on our normal test route where we could guage how fast it really was and beleive me it more than met our expectations. Some poor quality videos tok during our test can be found here  ....Drive By BMW 330 Twin Screw

Not only is the performance fantastic but also fuel economy seems to be improved during normal road use, this is no suprise as the TX2 shows similar gains in this area too.

As you can see from the photos the kit also looks more "factory" under the bonnet compared to the TX kits.

As Max uses the car everyday it shouldnt be long before we can see how this conversion performs long term and also how reliable it is!

Twin screw ready to fire up
Twin screw manifold
Water radiator for heat exchanger
New power steering reservoir