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BMW 530 Twin Screw

Instead of our usual write up here is a report from the customer himself on his experiences with an ESS TS1 kit -


I’ve been very pleased with the 530i over the last 2 years, but there always comes a time when you just need more power. I did a lot of research before taking the supercharger option. I had considered going for the same model (E39) M5, but having taken one out for a test drive, I just preferred the overall balance of my own car with the straight six engine. I also fancied something that was just a little bit different from the rest.


So with all this in mind I chose the ESS twin-screw supercharger kit. The ESS development and testing programme is impressive, focussing on durability and driveability as well as power. I opted for the stage 1 system (TS1). This was partly because there would be less stress on the engine and transmission components. After all, this car is my daily drive so I wasn’t going to take any chances with reliability or driveability. It also leaves a very clean and original look under the bonnet (not having the intercooler that comes with the stage 2 kit) but still provides a sizeable boost in torque and power, being rated at 320 bhp.


Simpson Motorsport are an official UK distributor, and I arranged for them to fit the system. I’d not had any contact with them before this, but my first impressions are that they are technically competent, thorough and efficient in what they do. The kit just bolted straight in (at least according to Anthony who fitted it!).


I’ve now completed over a thousand miles on the car, and I’m very pleased with the results. The car has been totally reliable. Around town, it behaves just the same as it did before the install. There is a barely audible whistle coming from under the bonnet, but nothing in the least bit intrusive. Power delivery is very controllable and progressive (but noticeable stronger) being directly proportional to how hard you press the throttle. In fact the spread of torque is the most satisfying part, making overtaking on back roads both swifter and safer too. It’s just like being in a gear lower, but without having to change down.


Another bonus is that in everyday driving conditions, fuel economy seems to be at least comparable to what it was before the install. Not bad given the extra power on tap!


If one day I decide that I need even more performance, the system can be readily converted to TS2 specification, although I might consider some chassis and brake upgrades first. Lastly, if I ever want to sell the car (not that I’m planning to) the whole procedure is completely reversible.,