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BMW Z4 3.0 Supercharged

We like the BMW Z4 alot as a basic car design, but really found the factory 3.0 to be very lacking. At the time of starting the project, this was the top of the range car, but now BMW have introduced the Z4M which is alot better, but still not perfect. The shell of the Z4 is very rigid with no really detectable scuttle shake. The basic handling of a Z4 is awful, with runflat tyres, no limited slip differential (LSD), terrible soggy bushes and the standard springs and dampers. Our first step was to fit the rear subframe from the M3 CSL, complete with the M-differential. This allowed us to fit the 19inch wheels from the M3 CSL for a very tough look! The visual enhancements continued with the factory bmw aero body kit, which we think is the best kit available and very reasonably priced. The suspension was replaced with a coilover system from Intrax jointly developed with us and the car was treated to a full bush upgrade using our race developed bushes. The cherry on the handling cake was a set of Michelin Pilot Sports Cup tyres, as fitted to the CSL. The transformation was huge, with fantastic response from the handling setup. The 20% shorter differential dramatically improved acceleration over the standard car too, turning it into a very quick road and track car. Of course, we did not stop there, and decided to significantly increase engine power. The Z4 become our test bed for the ESS Supercharger. We fitted their TX2 kit and power instantly rose from 225bhp to 345bhp! It was astounding, with performance and reliability just like the stock car. We pounded the car through trackdays and 10,000 miles of road use with no problems at all. The car is now undergoing the next level of modifications, with custom camshafts, a fully forged engine, a larger supercharger and more boost! Other customisations to the car include a hybrid exhuast system consisting of an ESS backbox, CSL cat section and a modified tubular M3 exhaust manifold. There are a variety of bling modifications to the interior also to set it apart from the rest, and a treatment of general debadging! Power is currently 360bhp and 300lb/ft. The target for the new engine will be well over 400bhp, so watch this space!




         Z4 3.0i SE

         BMW LSD differential 3.62:1

         BMW M3 CSL 19inch rims with Pilot Sport Cup Tyres

         Intrax 1k2 Suspension

         Adjustable Front Anti-roll bar

         BMW M3 rear Anti-roll bar

         AP Racing 6 pot front and 4 pot rear brakes with Pagid RS29 pads

         Uprated brake lines and brake fluid

         Simpson Motorsport Rear Trailing Arm Bushes

         Simpson Motorsport Front Lower Arm Bushes

         Carbon Strut Brace

         Carbon Engine Covers

         BMW Aero Bodykit

         ESS TX2 Supercharger

         ESS Exhaust Backbox

         Simpson Hybrid Exhaust Manifold and System

         Clutch Delay Valve removal

         Lightweight flywheel

         Uprated clutch with removal of the self-adjusting mechanism

BMW Z4 Supercharged
BMW Z4 Supercharged
BMW Z4 Supercharged
BMW Z4 Supercharged
BMW Z4 Supercharged
Z4 Supercharged at Intrax Suspension HQ